• BEAUTIFUL CRYSTAL CABERNET WINE GLASSES - Designed for heavy, full-bodied wines, its bowl is larger than a standard red wine glass. To maximize the flavor, the stem is taller so the wine proceeds directly to the back of the mouth. You can also use this glass for syrah, Bordeaux, merlot, and other rich, strong wines.
  • TITANIUM INFUSED CRYSTAL - Titanium crystal is stronger and more durable than lead crystal and glass. Stability and flexibility make these glasses a must for anyone from a homeowner to a restaurateur.
  • LEAD AND BARIUM FREE - These fine quality crystal wine glasses are free from any lead or barium typically found in leaded crystal, and are not infused with any other minerals that can harm your health!

Crystal Red Wine Glasses ( In Pair)

  • Customer can choose to customize a custom wine label or engraving. Selling price has included free sticker service, and can add on engraving service on top. The original winery back label containing information about the wine will remain on the back of the bottle.
  • DYOW does not accept any refund or return due to any bottle defects, shipping error, or any related reasons.