Branded Corporate Gifts

Our branded gift solution let you choose all kinds of products and branded it with your logos and slogans. From wine to warm mugs, we are here to make it personal for you!

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VIP Solution

Want to surprise your important customers on the date that matters? We provide tailored solution for a year round gift solution, from production to shipping, all handle by us, so you can stay focus on finding new customers!

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Annual Dinner

DYOW provides a wide range of annual dinner table wine selection, and with custom wine sticker labeling made your event a truly unique one.

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Corporate needs to show appreciation to your clients in order to build a long term business relationship - and DYOW makes it easy for you to make a tailored gift with personal touch! From VIP gift to annual dinners, we are here to make something awesome within a reasonable budget. Talk to our corporate specialist today and we will make your gift perfect!