Wedding is where our story begins.  Our founder was looking for something unique and memorable for his wife when they were preparing their wedding.  At the very beginning, the gifts he found in Hong Kong were either too common or too expensive. He finally created a big surprise to his wife in their wedding by discovering wine bottle engraving services.  This experience of the founder was the significant inspiration of establishing, a new and innovative Hong Kong brand, Design Your Own Wine (DYOW)。

Creating a timeless etched gift to your family and friends is nothing short of amazing. Now you could cherish every precious moment, not only on the photo, but also on a bottle of wine that you enjoy the most.

DYOW eager to create memorable and precious moments for our valued customers.  With our core concept of “Unique, Memorable and Long-lasting”, DYOW provides one-stop service including professional portrait or cartoon design, 360-degree wine bottle engraving, and elegant packaging.  Through our spectacular design and engraving art, the wine will be greatly transformed into a piece of splendid and classy art, and you could engrave your favourite photo and touching words on wine bottles for your family and friends.   

What kind of gift will be timeless?  It truly depends on your love and heart to the gift receiver.  That gift may be neither a luxury brand nor incredibly costly, but it has to be Unique, Memorable, and Long-lasting. So-called Timeless.

We will try our best to make the perfect portrait design for your wine, every portrait design could be fully customized upon your request, even the outfit and gesture. With your choice of our gold or silver paint, we use state-of-the-art engraving machines to engrave your design onto the bottle, and more importantly, turning your design into a unique and memorable gift.


我們的婚禮就是這品牌的故事開端。那時候創辦人正籌備自己的婚禮,一直想準備一份獨一無二的禮物給他的太太,但尋遍香港芸芸禮物店,都找不到心水禮物,要不是天價,就是非常籠統沒新意,最後接觸到「酒瓶雕刻」,於婚禮給了太太一個大驚喜,同時發現了這個商機,成立了香港原創品牌 Design Your Own Wine (DYOW)。

DYOW 主要提供訂製酒瓶雕刻的設計、雕刻及包裝服務。「酒瓶雕刻」是把人像、文字、圖案等通過設計和雕刻藝術,在酒瓶上作360度的雕刻連上色,效果凹凸分明, 形象華麗矜貴,富有質感。所使用的顏色物料是特製耐磨而不易留水跡的,包裝內亦附有「保存小貼士」,加上典雅的皮質包裝盒,以整套產品來配合「獨一無二‧ 恆久珍藏」的概念。